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Oprah Raises $3 Million for Obama

Oprah And Obama

Oprah Winfrey hosted an outdoor fundraiser for her “favorite guy” at her 42-acre estate in California, which brought in a whopping $3 million.

“I haven’t been actively engaged before because there hasn’t been anything to be actively engaged in. But I am engaged now to make Barack Obama the next President of the United States,” Winfrey told a star-studded crowd of 1,500, according to a source at the event.

The star-studded event included Forest Whitaker, Chris Rock, Sidney Poitier and Ellen Pompeo among others.

This all comes as the Obama campaign contemplates giving Oprah a more visible role on the campaign trail. Rumors say the Obama campaign may use her on the campaign trail, more fundraisers and even television ads. Will it work? With Oprah’s wide female appeal and Clinton’s huge lead among female voters, it makes sense.

The big question: will it matter? Oprah’s endorsement is no small fry. She has tremendous influence and was recently named the 21st most powerful woman in the world, but, like most endorsements, they never matter. Oprah’s endorsement could go two ways: One, it could be the finger of God, or two, it could be a replay of Gore’s endorsement of Howard Dean.

Daily Rasmussen: Thompson Gets a Bump

Here are today’s new numbers.


Fred Thompson: 26%
Rudy Giuliani: 22%
Mitt Romney: 13%
John McCain: 12%
Mike Huckabee: 6%

Fred Thompson has received a small bump, which puts him on top of the Republican field, this coming after Thompson’s official entry into the Presidential race. However, I expect this bump to fall and stabilize once voters get to know Thompson and see him campaign, which has been less than stellar.


Hillary Clinton: 43%
Barack Obama: 22%
John Edwards: 16%
Bill Richardson: 4%

In the Democratic race, it remains almost identical to what it was at the beginning of the year. Very telling, but Democratic primary voters in Iowa do not like a national frontrunner.