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Poll: Many CNN Numbers

New numbers from CNN today. Here they are in three nice little charts.

It turns out the Fred bump may be across the board, but I always say, sustainability is everything and if Thompson is unable to sustain those numbers, then he will be victim to what every candidate dreads–peaking too early.

Clinton nears a majority, which is a problem for Obama and Edwards. Clinton now leads Obama by a 2:1 ratio and Edwards by almost 3:1. I have to give Clinton much credit for her well disciplined campaign. He have hit a few bumps in the road, but like a good politician, they have either minimize the damage or turn it to their benefit. Also, note the favorable ratings for the candidates, it is very good for Clinton, Obama and Edwards.

Clinton manages to crack 50% against Giuliani, which I believe is the first time I have seen that. The biggest issue in this poll is not Obama, but Fred Thompson. The so called saviour of the Republican Party, the one who is running as another Reagan does not fare well against Democrats.

Daily Rasmussen: VA, MN, and MA Presidential and Senate Races

Here are today’s numbers from Rasmussen.


Fred Thompson: 28%
Rudy Giuliani: 21%
Mitt Romney: 12%
John McCain: 12%
Mike Huckabee: 6%

Thompson continues his rise after his candidacy announcement, while interestingly, Giuliani’s numbers fall, which brings up the w question, how strong is his support? More on that another time.


Hillary Clinton: 41%
Barack Obama: 20%
John Edwards: 17%
Bill Richardson: 4%

No interesting movement. Edwards is up a few points since a few days ago, but it remains to be seen if it has any sustainability.

The most interesting numbers of this set is the Virginia numbers. Democrats have both eyes on this state for both the Senate election and presidential election and right now, it looks like a race to watch. Virginia has steadily grown more Democratic over the last few years and the D.C. area expands into the state. Will it be enough to make this state blue for the first time since 1964? The fact that Clinton leads against Republicans in this state, makes wonder what the numbers look like for Edwards.

And these are the numbers for two Senate seats.

Right now, Mark Warner beats both leading Republicans by wide margins, it’s no contest. It remains to be seen, however, whether he runs.

As for Minnesota, the seat is certainly in reach for Democrats.