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Mark Warner to Run for Senate

The speculation is over, Mark Warner will run for the United States Senate.

The following is an e-mail announcement, followed by a video announcement from the former Governor.

Thirteen days ago, my friend, Senator John Warner announced his retirement from the US Senate. He has served Virginia and our country with distinction, and brought an independence and civility to office we need to see more of in public life.

After his announcement, I said that I would make my future plans public in the coming days. After a great deal of reflection, talking with my family and friends, I’ve reached my decision.

I hope you will watch my announcement video – and join us in this effort.

With best wishes, Mark Warner.

This puts Republicans at a disadvantage. Warner is possibly the most popular local politician in the state and recent polls show him crushing the Republican opposition. This race is the Democrat’s to lose.

This now puts him out of the short list of possible VP choices for the Democratic nominee. Damn.