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Wesley Clark Endorses Clinton

Former General and Supreme Allied Commander (NATO) endorsed Hillary Clinton for President today. Clark was appointed by President Clinton in 1997 and served through 2000. Clark also made a failed bid for President in 2004 after a late and lackluster start.

“She’s a remarkable person. She’s had incredible experiences; she’s smart; she’s done her homework,” he said.

Of course this only heightens the speculation that Clark will be the Vice Presidential nominee under a Clinton ticket, but that is pushing it.

I don’t think Clinton made a deal with Evan Bayh, Tom Vilsack and Wesley Clark at the same time.

Keyes to Run for President


After trying twice before, running for the Maryland and Illinois Senate and failing at every race, former Reagan diplomat and Jeanne Kirkpatrick protege announced he will once again run for the GOP nomination for President.

Keyes told syndicated radio host Janet Parshall he’s “unmoved” by the lack of moral courage shown by the other candidates, among whom he sees no standout who articulates the “key kernel of truth that must, with courage, be presented to our people.”

Keyes will take part in Monday’s Republican debate.

This is going to be good.