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Hillary Clinton’s HealthCare Plan

I don’t have time to write a full post, but here is a link to Clinton’s HealthCare Plan.

America’s Health Choices Plan

It’s a good read and both Democrats, Independents, Republicans and every in between should read it with an open mind.

Daily Rasmussen: Who Will Voters Vote For?

Here are today’s numbers from Rasmussen.


Fred Thomson: 28%
Rudy Giuliani: 19%
John McCain: 14%
Mitt Romney: 12%
Mike Huckabee: 6%

Thompson still enjoys his announcement bump. How long it will last remains to be seen. There has been rumors that Gingrich is still thinking about jumping into the race, this coming after Alan Keyes filed his papers to run for the Republican nomination. John McCain is now in third place and only five points behind Rudy Giuliani. I will almost guarantee you, if Gingrich jumps in, the outlook of the McCain candidacy will look a lot better.


Hillary Clinton: 40%
Barack Obama: 23%
John Edwards: 13%
Bill Richardson: 6%

At this point, it is obvious the Obama and Edwards campaign are tying all they can to trip Hillary Clinton and prevent her from getting the nomination. The race has been stable throughout the entire year and Clinton and steadily increased her numbers over the months. Clinton’s low point occurred in May when she averaged just 33% in the RCP average. Her high point occurred a few days ago at about 44%. Can Obama and Edwards stop Clinton? The simple answer is yes, but the “how” is another matter. Clinton is simply the runaway freight train, knocking down everything in her path, what Obama and Edwards have to do, is derail her, and that is becoming increasingly difficult.

Who Will Voters Vote For? (For/Against)

Hillary Clinton: 32%/44%
Rudy Giuliani: 25%/37%
Fred Thompson: 23%/35%
Barack Obama: 23%/37%
John McCain: 18%/33%
John Edwards: 22%/39%
Mitt Romney: 16%/40%

Looking at these numbers, it is really hard for me to imagine Mitt Romney winning an election today. His core support is too small and his core negatives are too high. As for Clinton, her supporters can easily use these numbers to show electability. She has the highest core support, but also the highest core negatives, which is what you get when you have a candidate with 100% name ID and saturated opinion