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Ambinder’s Fundraising Predictions

Marc Ambinder released his fundraising predictions for both Democrats and Republicans, which tends to be fairly accurate.


1. Hillary Clinton: $20-$25 million
2. Barack Obama: $20 million tops
3. John Edwards: about $5 million
4. Bill Richardson: $4-$6 million
5. Chris Dodd: less than $2 million
6. Joe Biden: less than $2 million


1. Rudy Giuliani: $13 million
2. Mitt Romney: $10-$12 million
3. Fred Thompson: $6 million
4. John McCain: $4-$5 million

Head over to his site to see some discussions.

Categories: Barack Obama, Democrats, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Other Politics, RepublicanPosted on: 21st September 2007 by: admin
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