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Evan Bayh to Endorse Hillary Clinton

Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana will endorse Hillary Clinton for President tomorrow.

This is a big pickup for Clinton. Bayh briefly explored the possibility of running for President but abandoned his early bid citing money as a large hurdle for the campaign.

This now fuels speculation that Bayh will be chosen as the Vice Presidential nominee in a possible Clinton ticket. With Warner out of the picture, the idea is plausible and possibly, smart. Clinton has received quiet criticism from from some Democrats, who fear she could be a drag on down ticket Democrats. Bayh, a moderate Democrat in the most reliable red state in the country and former head of the DLC, could be a top pick to lessen that fear and also help moderate the ticket to appeal to the south, particularly Virginia, Missouri and Ohio.

Bayh sits with Clinton on the Senate Armed Services Committee and the Special Committee for Aging. Clinton announced her candidacy for President after they visited Iraq together.

Bill Clinton is known for saying, “I hope and expect some day I’ll be voting for Evan Bayh for President of the United States.” Could this be the beginnings of a future Bayh candidacy for President? I think that is pushing it to conspiratorial waters.

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