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Clinton and Obama Play Expectations Game for Q3

With the last week in the quarter coming to an end, the Clinton and Obama campaigns are pushing expectations.

The Clinton campaign said they expect to raise $17-$20 million for the third quarter, while the expect Obama to raise around $30 million citing his internet donations.

“They have an advantage,” the Clinton aide said about Obama’s campaign. “For us, the summer is slow, because we’ve maxed out far more of our donors than they have.”

In response, the Obama campaign announced they expect to raise $17-19 million, while the expect Clinton to raise $35 million.

It’s a little funny when you think about it, but it is the expectations game. I fully expect Clinton and Obama to come out on top of the Q3 fundraising period, but once again, it will be close. The Clinton campaign has said they have “maxed out” which may limit their fundraising this quarter and the next, while Obama has many small contributors who they can tap again. Either way, Clinton and Obama will have more than enough money to compete in the primary.

Head over to the link for more information on Clinton, Obama and other presidential candidates.

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