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Favorable Ratings from Rasmussen

Here is a list of favorable ratings from all candidates organized by net difference.

Candidate favorable/unfavorable (NET)

John Edwards: 51%/41% (NET 10%)
Barack Obama: 51%/43% (NET 8%)
Hillary Clinton: 52%/46% (NET 6%)
Fred Thompson: 43%/37% (NET 6%)
Rudy Giuliani: 49%/45% (NET 4%)
Mike Huckabee: 30%/28% (NET 2%)
Bill Richardson: 32%/32% (NET 0%)
John McCain: 40%/43% (NET -3%)
Mitt Romney: 40%/44% (NET -4%)
Duncan Hunter: 18%/24% (NET -6%)
Joe Biden: 31%/40% (NET -9%)
Chris Dodd: 26%/35% (NET -9%)
Dennis Kucinich: 27%/37% (NET -10%)
Ron Paul: 23%/34% (NET -11%)
Sam Brownback: 21%/36% (NET -15%)
Tom Tancredo: 16%/33% (NET -17%)
Mike Gravel: 13%/30% (NET -17%)

Clinton now has the highest favorable rating among any candidate, but also has the highest unfavorable rating among any candidate. Mike Gravel has the lowest favorable rating and Mike Huckabee and Fred Thompson is the only Republican candidates to have a positive net rating. Giuliani’s ratings have fallen from the 70’s he once had early in the race and it remains to be see if it has stabilized.