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Ron Paul Raises $5 Million

Ron Paul saw significant improvement in fundraising this quarter, raising over $5 million. About $1.2 million of that was contributions from the internet.

The Ron Paul campaign has set a $12 million goal for the fourth quarter.

If it was not for Paul’s position on the Iraq war, I would have given him a chance to get the Republican nomination. However, he could run a third party candidacy as an anti-war fiscal conservative.

Hillary Clinton Raises $27 Million

Surprising many, Hillary Clinton out raised Barack Obama, raising $22 million for the primary and an additional $5 million for the general election should she win the nomination. The campaign also brought in more new donors than Obama, 100,000 and raised $8 million online, more than John Edwards’ entire haul.

All this comes at the end of the best political quarter for the Clinton campaign. She has performed well in the debates, made almost no major mistakes or gaffes on the campaign trail and she is breaking down the electability and likability barrier. Throughout the third quarter, Hillary Clinton has consistently polled in the 40’s in almost every poll and there is no sign of her slowing down.