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Fred Thompson Raises $9.3 Million

After waiting for months to jump into the fray, Fred Thompson raised about $9.3 million for the third quarter, collecting contributions from about 80,000 donors. 22,000 of which were online contributions.

The Thompson campaign also report $7 million cash on hand heading into the last leg of the primary campaign season.

John McCain Raises $6 Million

John McCain has raised about $6 million for the third quarter, higher than the original estimate of $5 million.

The campaign has about $3.6 million in the bank and $1.5 million in debt.

Not bad when compared to other Republican candidates.

Giuliani Raises $11 Million

Rudy Giuliani topped Republicans for the third quarter fundraising period, raising $11 million.

Giuliani has raised about $44 million for the year. $4 million of that is designated for the general election should he win the nomination.

The campaign is reporting $12 million cash on hand for the primary.

Romney Raises $10 Million (Loans $8.5 Million)

Mitt Romney raised a cool $10 million in the third quarter and once again loaned his campaign $8.5 million, for a total loan of about $17.5 million for the year. The campaign is also reporting about $9 million cash on hand. So far for the year, Romney has raised $45 million and spent about 119% of that. Not a very impressive burn rate and the only thing to show for it is soft support in New Hampshire and Iowa.