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Romney on the Attack

With falling poll numbers in Iowa and New Hampshire, while struggling to gain national prominence, Mitt Romney is on the attack, hitting Rudy Giuliani, labeling him as a “Big Spender.”

Here is a few pieces from the Romney press release.

FACT: Mayor Giuliani Fought To Tax People For Going To Work:

University Of Pennsylvania’s Factcheck.Org: Mayor Giuliani “Fought To Keep” The Commuter Tax. “Also, it’s worth noting that Giuliani’s list doesn’t mention one tax he fought to keep – New York City’s commuter tax, which was lifted by the state Legislature in 1999. The mayor and the city council sued the state to maintain the tax – .45 percent of earned income for most of the people affected – but lost in court. The city had been collecting about $360 million per year from commuters from New Jersey, Connecticut and other parts of New York state.” (, “Giuliani’s Tax Puffery,” Website,, 7/27/07)

FACT: Mayor Giuliani Not Only Wanted To Keep The Tax, He Wanted To Raise It:

Mayor Giuliani Said That The Commuter Tax Should Be Increased Rather Than Eliminated. “Earlier today, Mr. Giuliani assailed the Legislature for seeking to end the commuter tax, saying that if anything, it should be higher.” (Clifford J. Levy, “Leaders In Albany Plan To Eliminate Tax On Commuters,” The New York Times, 5/13/99)

FACT: Mayor Giuliani Sued Republicans In Albany So He Could Keep The Commuter Tax:

Mayor Giuliani Immediately Threatened Legal Action In Order To Keep The Commuter Tax. “A spokeswoman for Mr. Giuliani said tonight that he would file suit to retain the tax, maintaining that the state cannot end it without the permission of the city.” (Clifford J. Levy, “Leaders In Albany Plan To Eliminate Tax On Commuters,” The New York Times, 5/13/99)

Ouch! It’s that time of year, when the desperation sets in and the days quickly countdown to the first caucus in the nation. Eventually, someone has to go after the frontrunner. Edwards is doing the dirty work on the Democratic side, while Romney is working full time on the Republican side. Both are viable for their party’s nomination, and both are trying to play to the base.

As a side note, I would rather have Giuliani as the nominee than Romney. Just keep that in mind going into the last leg of the primary race.

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