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It is About Trust

John Edwards is still making his case for the Democratic nomination, hitting both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on the issue of trust.

“Having a great politician is fine,” Edwards said. “That’s not what America needs right now.”

“I’m a different candidate,” he said during a stop at a volunteer fire station. “The most important thing is to have a president that you trust. Forget politics for a minute. … What we’ve seen happen in the last six or seven years is the utter destruction of trust between the president and the American people.”

He is right. Part of this election process is trust. Who do we trust to lead America? Opinions may vary, nevertheless, it is only a small piece of the election, and often leadership can trump trust in dire times.

Still, this is smart for John Edwards. He must go at the heart of Clinton’s weakness. Conservatives and the left flank of the Democratic Party do not trust her. Conservatives see her as an ultra liberal and some Democrats see her as a neoconservative. Why not reinforce that mindset of untrustworthiness?

On a personal level, I don’t trust John Edwards.

Categories: Democrats, Other PoliticsPosted on: 19th October 2007 by: admin
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