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Daily Rasmussen: Paul Moving, Clinton Still Strong

New numbers from Rasmussen for the primary and general election.


Rudy Giuliani: 23%
Fred Thompson: 16%
John McCain: 13%
Mitt Romney: 11%
Mike Huckabee: 9%
Ron Paul: 6%

With the news that Ron Paul raised $4.2 million in one day, it looks like he is getting a little bounce in the polls. Not too shabby for a little guy named Ron Paul. The question is, can he deliver? I think not. How about a third party run? Maybe.


Hillary Clinton: 44%
Barack Obama: 19%
John Edwards: 15%

I have to say, the Republican race for the nomination is far more interesting that the Democratic race. There are four men who could possibly be the nominee, one who could shake things up and another who is a pest to the other candidates.

General Election

Hillary Clinton: 48%
Rudy Giuliani: 42%

Hillary Clinton: 48%
Fred Thompson: 42%

This is an improvement from the last survey which had her in a dead heat with both Republican candidates.

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