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Pat Robertson Endorses Giuliani

This could have two effects: positive and a negative.

On the positive note, Robertson is respected in the social conservative arena and this endorsement tremendously boosts Giuliani’s credibility with this key demographic. On the negative note, Robertson is known for saying some pretty wacky things such as calling for the assassination of President Chavez. Because of this, the endorsement may alienate Independents and undermine Giuliani’s electability.

Then again, it may have no effect at all.

Either way, I did not expect Robertson to endorse Giuliani. In the words of McCain, I was “speechless”.

FYI, Robertson endorsed or expressed support for the winning Republican candidate since 1988.

Brownback Endorses McCain

Sam Brownback has once last thing to do in this presidential campaign and that is an endorsement.

In other good news, McCain has edged out Fred Thompson for the number two spot on RCP averages with 16.4%, still far behind Giuliani who comes in at 30.1%. Fred Thompson has fallen from 23% to 16%, while Huckabee registers at 8.1%.

Huckabee Could Give Republicans a Shot

I have always said if Republicans want a unifying candidate for change who has experience and share their values and don’t want to split the Party, nominate former Governor Mike Huckabee.

Here are some new general election numbers from Rasmussen.

Hillary Clinton: 46%
Mike Huckabee: 43%

Barack Obama: 49%
Mike Huckabee: 38%

Even as a Democrat, I find him inspiring. In a sense, he makes me feel like the best days are yet ahead for America. Nominate him, and Republicans may find the second coming of the late Ronald Reagan.

Romney Leads in NH, Giuliani & McCain Battling for 2nd

New numbers on the GOP New Hampshire primary from Rasmussen.

Mitt Romney: 32%
Rudy Giuliani: 17%
John McCain: 16%
Mike Huckabee: 10%
Fred Thompson: 7%
Ron Paul: 4%
Tom Tancredo: 3%
Duncan Hunter: 2%

What I want to know is if Huckabee comes in a strong second in Iowa, will Independents flock to New Hampshire to get in on the fight? If Clinton wins Iowa, it is a possibility as it will be likely she will win New Hampshire. McCain is putting up a fight in the Granite State and I still don’t rule out a possible win for him, even in SC. And what about Paul? I don’t expect him to win the nomination, but he could certainly make a mess of things in NH. $4.2 million in 24 hours is a big deal. Can he deliver?

Just two months to go…

Democratic Congress Still a go for 2008

Rasmussen released a new generic Congressional ballot, which shows Democrats are still the one to beat.

Democrats: 46%
Republicans: 35%

Democrats 11-point lead is down from a month ago where is was 12 points and way down from September when they had an 18-point lead. Nevertheless the results have been consistent since the November elections: The voters dislike the Democratically-led Congress, but Republicans are the problem.

Poll Movement in the Wake of Democratic Debate

I think it is fare to say Hillary Clinton had the worse week politically since the campaign began. John Edwards on the other hand had the most visible presence on the media since his $400 haircut. Since the debate, several polls have been released and it may have revealed something very interesting.

The following polls were taken after the debate.

Rasmussen (11/7 vs 10/29)
Clinton: 39% (-5)
Obama: 21% (NC)
Edwards: 16% (+2)

Clinton: 47% (+2)
Obama: 25% (+2)
Edwards: 11% (-5)

Clinton: 44% (-7)
Obama: 25% (+4)
Edwards: 14% (-1)

USA Today/Gallup
Clinton: 50% (NC)
Obama; 22% (+1)
Edwards: 15% (+2)

Clinton: 43% (+1)
Obama: 25% (+2)
Edwards: 11% (-3)

The following polls were taken before, during and after the debate.

Washington Post/ABC News
Clinton: 49% (-4)
Obama: 26% (+6)
Edwards: 12% (-1)

An interesting breakdown by Marist. The firm broke down the polls from Monday/Tuesday (before debate) and Wednesday/Thursday (after debate). Here is what they found.

Clinton: 52% (before); 43% (after) (-9)
Obama: 16% (before); 18% (after) (+2)
Edwards: 10% (before); 8% (after) (-2)

The following is an average of all polls.

Current RCP Averages
Clinton: 46% (down about 2%)
Obama: 23% (up less than a percent)
Edwards: 12.4% (down less than a percent)

Overall, it is pretty clear Clinton is now off from her highs, but she is still far ahead than any other Democratic candidate. Edwards does not seem to be doing his campaign any good. Overall, he is losing support, while Obama seems to be benefiting from the brawl. In every poll, Obama has not loss support or gained support.

This is key in Iowa, where attack politics, like what we have seen in the last week is deeply frowned upon.

The state polls could tell a lot in the coming weeks.

House Votes to Override Bush Veto

Five vetoes since Bush became President, four of them in the 110th Congress and the first possible override of his Presidency.

In a battle on fiscal responsibility, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly voted to override President Bush’s veto on the Water Resources Development Act of 2007.

The House voted 361 to 57 with 138 Republicans joining with Democrats to pass the Appropriations act.

The vote did not silence Democrats who were criticized by Republicans. Some of which even criticized their fellow Republicans essentially calling them hypocrites.

From Speaker Pelosi.

“If the president wants to talk about priorities, let’s talk about what is really important to the American people,” said Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democrat of California. “I’d rather have a war on cancer than fritter away many more dollars in Iraq.”

The Senate has yet to vote on the override.

Impeachment Fails

Dennis Kucinich introduced his privileged resolution for the impeachment of Vice President Cheney. In what was initially expected to be a quick death, there was some action today on the House floor.

In an attempt to block the Resolution, Majority Leader Hoyer introduced a Motion to Table the resolution. In a dramatic turn of events, the Republican leadership pushed a Nay on the Motion in an effort to force debate and allow Democrats to take sides on the issue: Defend Cheney, or defend the Resolution. Still, it was not enough. A Motion to send the Resolution to Committee was quickly passed by the Democratic Majority ending Kucinich’s hopes of impeaching the Vice President.

Another fun day at the Capitol…

2007 Election Results

Here are the results for the 2007 off year elections. Overall, a good night for Democrats.

Kentucky Governorship
Steve Beshear (D): 59% (WINNER)
Ernie Fletcher (R): 41%

Plagued by scandal, incumbent Governor Fletcher could not secure reelection, defeated in a landslide. One million voted with a turnout of just over 37%.

Mississippi Governorship (91% reporting)
John Eaves (D): 42%
Haley Barbour (R): 58% (WINNER)

Unlike the President, FEMA and former Governor Kathleen Blanco, Haley Barbour received praised for his response to Hurricane Katrina. Since then, he has used that momentum to propel him to reelection. Democrats put up a conservative evangelical Democrat in hopes to gain from the key Republican voting block.

Virginia Senate
Democrats: 21 (MAJORITY)
Republicans: 18
Undeclared: 1

Is this a sign to come? Could Democrats take Virginia in the Presidential election in 2008? The odds are now greater than ever.

Kucinich to Force Impeachment Vote

Dennis Kucinich will introduce a privileged resolution on Tuesday February 6 on the impeachment of Vice President Cheney.

“The momentum is building for impeachment,” Kucinich said. “Millions of citizens across the nation are demanding Congress rein in the Vice President’s abuse of power.

“Despite this groundswell of opposition to the unconstitutional conduct of office, Vice President Cheney continues to violate the U.S. Constitution by insisting the power of the executive branch is supreme.

“Congress must hold the Vice President accountable. The American people need to let Members of Congress know how they feel about this. The Vice President continues to use his office to advocate for a continued occupation of Iraq and prod our nation into a belligerent stance against Iran. If the Vice President is successful, his actions will ensure decades of disastrous consequences.”

The privileged resolution will force an up or down vote by the House within two days
of its introduction.

You will remember Kucinich introduced H.R. 333, which lays out the reasons for impeachment. The resolution states Cheney purposely manipulated intelligence for the case to go to war, fabricated the Iraq-al Qaeda connection to go to war and violated the constitution by openly threatening military action against Iran.

I fully expect it to fail.