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New Hampshire Primary Poll Roundup

Some new numbers for the New Hampshire Primary from Marist and ABC/Washington Post for Democrats and Republicans.


ABC/Washington Post

Hillary Clinton: 35%
Barack Obama: 29%
John Edwards: 17%
Bill Richardson: 10%
Dennis Kucinich: 3%
Joe Biden: 2%
Chris Dodd: 1%

In this poll, 54% of voters see Clinton as the most electable, 48% see Clinton as the most experienced, 47% see Clinton as the strongest leader, while 47% view Obama as most inspiring and 29% view Obama as the most trustworthy. 21% think the same of Clinton and 17% think the same of Edwards. On the issues, Clinton leads across the board, holding double digit leads on Health Care, the economy, terrorism, the federal deficit, and social security, while she also has single digit leads on Iraq and Immigration. About half of the voters view Healthcare as the top issue, followed closely by Iraq.


Hillary Clinton: 37%
Barack Obama: 23%
John Edwards: 18%
Bill Richardson: 8%
Dennis Kucinich: 3%
Joe Biden: 1%

Clinton has the strongest intensity of support with 61% who support her are strongly committed. 54% say the same for Obama and 53% say the same for Edwards.


ABC/Washington Post

Mitt Romney: 37%
John McCain: 20%
Rudy Giuliani: 16%
Mike Huckabee: 9%
Ron Paul: 8%
Fred Thompson: 4%
Duncan hunter: 1%

In the internals, 35% view Romney as the strongest leader, 27% view him as the most trustworthy, 31% view him as the most experienced while 29% have the same view of McCain. 45% view Romney as the most electable, while 30% think the same of Giuliani. On the issues, Romney has double digitleads on the economy, the federal deficit, immigration, social issues, Healthcare and taxes. 31% view both McCain and Giuliani as the best fit to handle terrorism while 36% view McCain as the best fit to handle Iraq.


Mitt Romney: 29%
Rudy Giuliani: 17%
John McCain: 17%
Mike Huckabee: 11%
Ron Paul: 6%
Fred Thompson: 4%
Duncan Hunter: 2%
Tom Tancredo: 1%

50% of Mitt Romney’s supporters are firmly committed to him compared with 60% of Rudy Giuliani’s voters and 58% of John McCain’s backers.

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