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Bill Clinton on Charlie Rose

Bill Clinton made an appearance on Charlie Rose last night. Among the issues discussed was the 2008 election, in which the former President gives a rather frank view of the 2008 race, particularly on Obama’s experience.

Word has it, Clinton staffers were scrambling in the background to end the interview.

Obama responded quoting Bill Clinton that a candidate can “have the right kind of experience or the wrong kind of experience.”

Of course this little exchange brings us back to the argument of experience. The Edwards campaign is now questioning Obama’s experience as well.

“There’s a deep concern about his readiness to be president,” Joe Trippi, an advisor to Edwards, said Thursday.

Citing polling data on Obama — a poll data apparently from the Edwards campaign — Trippi said, “A quarter of his own supporters think he’s not qualified to be president.”

Edwards should have gone after Obama weeks ago in my opinion.

Then there is question on if it is wise to to go after the most popular Democrat in the country. Thread lightly.

Categories: Barack Obama, Hillary ClintonPosted on: 15th December 2007 by: admin
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