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Des Moines Register Endorses Clinton and McCain

I did not see this coming, but the Des Moines Register has endorsed Senator Hillary Clinton of New York for the Democratic nomination and Senator John McCain of Arizona for the Republican nomination.

You can read the editorial for the Democratic endorsement here and the Republican endorsement here.

The theme of the endorsement is competence and preparedness to lead America through these difficult times.

This is certainly good news for Clinton who has not had a particularly good six weeks. Obama has gained momentum in the state and this endorsement gives her the opportunity for some good news and a chance to at least slow Obama’s momentum. While I still don’t expect Clinton to win Iowa (it is just not her state), I believe Edwards will win it, this endorsement may decide who comes in second and who will win NH (not Edwards state), SC and ultimately the nomination.

As for McCain, he is far from winning Iowa or even placing third place in Iowa. His campaign has written off the state and is now focused on New Hampshire where Independents can give him much need momentum going into South Carolina, which I believe he can win. This endorsement gives him some good media attention and will at least allow Iowans to give McCain a second look. Basically, this puts him on the map again. Still, don’t expect him to win Iowa. If Huckabee is able to hold onto his leads and win the state, he may give McCain a second chance at victory.

You can watch the Democratic endorsement here, and the Republican endorsement here.

Who is hurting? Of course Obama, Edwards, Huckabee and Romney who have all lead in Iowa at some point or currently have momentum on their side. The DMR was unsure of Obama’s readiness to be President and unhappy with Edwards change in tone from optimistic to harsh.

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