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Solis Doyle Out

Clinton’s long time adviser and campaign manager stepped down from her position to be replaced with another loyal Clinton adviser from the White House years, Maggie Williams.

Here is a letter from Patti Solis Doyle:

Over a year ago Hillary launched her campaign for President.

Her announcement began a historic effort that has inspired millions and brought hundreds of thousands to their feet all across this nation.

I have been proud to manage this campaign, and prouder still to call Hillary my friend for more than sixteen years. I know that she will make a great President.

This has already been the longest Presidential campaign in the history of our nation, and one that has required enormous sacrifices from all of us and our families.

During the last month I have been working closely with my longtime friend, Maggie Williams.

This week Maggie will begin to assume the duties of campaign manager. I will serve as a senior adviser to Hillary and the campaign and travel with Hillary from time to time on the road. Maggie is a remarkable person and I am confident that she will do a fabulous job.

Although I will continue to see you all at headquarters, I would be remiss if I didn’t thank each of you for your dedication, excellence, and passion over the last year.

You are the best campaign staff in the history of Presidential politics and I am grateful to each of you for your hard work and friendship.

Here is a statement from Hillary Clinton:

Patti Solis Doyle has done an extraordinary job in getting us to this point – within reach of the nomination – and I am enormously grateful for her friendship and her outstanding work. And, as Patti has said, this already has been the longest presidential campaign in history and one that has required enormous sacrifices of everyone and our families. I look forward to her continued advice in the months ahead. Patti and I have worked with Maggie Williams for more than a decade. I am lucky to have Maggie on board and I know she will lead our campaign with great skill towards the nomination.

Solis Doyle was Clinton’s assistant during the White House years, and ran her 2000 Senate campaign and is the executive director of HillPac.

Not sure what the immediate affect of this shakeup will mean, but this shakeup in the power structure began when Clinton won New Hampshire.

Obama Takes Another State

Barack Obama won the Maine caucus today, 59% to 41% leaving Clinton 0 for 4 in this weekend’s contests.

I would really like to know who devised Clinton’s caucus strategy. Clinton has lost every caucus by very large margins with the exception of Nevada.

Obama is poised to sweep this Tuesday’s contest as well.

Edwards Talking to Clinton, Will Meet With Oba

Word comes that John Edwards met with Hillary Clinton at his home in Chapel Hills last Tursday and will meet with Barack Obama on Monday. Can we expect an endorsement?

Edwards is possibly the last remaining endorsement that could matter, though many can argue even the most coveted endorsement has been useless (e.g. Ted Kennedy). Still, both campaigns are courting the former Senator in hopes of making inroads of his supporters. While most of them are anti-Clinton and have moved to Obama, an endorsement of Clinton (unlikely) can give voters a chance to at least consider the latter. An endorsement of Obama will continue his momentum as he plows through the February states. There is also a matter of his 26 delegates, though I have read they are unbound to him. I’m not entirely sure how the Democratic rules work for a candidate who has suspended his campaign.

I think this endorsement is much more needed for Clinton than it is of Obama, though such an endorsement can create an aurora of inevitability for Obama as he scoops up win after win.