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Obama Sweeps; Huckabee Keeps it Strong

The results are coming in and Obama has swept through the Washington, and the Nebraska caucuses with large wins as well as a win in the Louisiana primary. Mike Huckabee, the only significant challenger to McCain won Kansas and is giving McCain a run for his money in Washington and Louisiana, leaving McCain on a tough road with conservatives.

Delegate allocation is still being tabulated, but as of now, Clinton has 1,100 delegates, while Obama has 1,039 delegates according to CNN. They are both far short from the 2,025 delegates needed to be nominated. It is going to be a long road for the Democrats to the convention, where we could possibly face a brokered convention. This Tuesday is the Potomac primaries when Virginia, Maryland and the District of Colombia will hold their contests. Obama is expected to sweep them all and recent polling (VA, MD) can vouch for that. Maine holds its caucus Sunday. While Obama has won every caucus with the exception of Nevada, Clinton is expected to do well there and possibly win it. February is not going to be a good month for Clinton.

John McCain is the presumptive frontrunner after the exit of fomer Governor Mitt Romney, but Mike Huckabee, who received the endorsement from James Dobson, challenging McCain in today’s contests. The math is awful for Huckabee, but he could put himself in a favorable position for VP if he continues to rack up the delegates. As of today, the count stands as 714 for McCain, 286 for Romney, 217 for Huckabee and 16 for Paul. Recent polling showed McCain doing very well in Virginia and Maryland. As a side note, it is clear Ron Paul does not have a chance at this nomination, so when will he drop out and announce a possible third party run?

Delegate Count

(You can read more on delegate counts here)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Delegate allocation is still being tabulated.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep in mind, Iowa, Wyoming, Nevada, Maine Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, North Dakota, Minnesota (Republicans), Washington, and Nebraska have not awarded any National Convention delegates and will do so at their respective State Conventions. The delegate counts provided by the media are estimates and may vary in the final result.

Superdelegates and Unpledged delegates who have made an official endorsement are included for the Democrats and Republicans respectively.

Here are the delegate counts as of February 9, 2008.

% is the percent NEEDED to be nominated.