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Obama and Clinton Raise Big Cash

Prompting Clinton’s financial woes after she gave her campaign $5 million, the campaign launched a $3 million in three days effort. That goal was matched in hours, and the campaign uped the ante to $6 million in three days. Now comes word it is $7 million in three days. Today the campaign announced it raised $6.4 million since Super Tuesday and over $7.5 million since February 1.

Still, Barack Obama was able to out-raise Hillary Clinton and his campaign announced a $7.6 million haul since Super Tuesday. A testament to his the dedicated support from his supporters.

It goes to show, all you have to do is ask.

The fundraising was particularly important for Clinton and she immediately went up with ads in Washington, Maine and Nebraska.

[UPDATE]: The Howard Wolfson announces they raised $8.4 million since Super Tuesday and a total of $10 million for the month of February.

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