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Delegate Count

(You can read more on delegate counts here)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Delegate allocation is still being tabulated.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are two delegate counts on this site. One is on the sidebar, which is from CNN. The other is at the bottom of this post, which does not include states that has NOT allocated National Convention Delegates.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep in mind, Iowa, Wyoming, Nevada, Maine, Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, North Dakota, Minnesota (Republicans), Washington, and Nebraska have not awarded any National Convention delegates and will do so at their respective State Conventions. The delegate counts provided by the media are estimates and may vary in the final result. This is not meant to be biased or unfair to a candidate, but it is in the interest of accuracy and integrity. I will imput the delegate counts of these states once their state convention have elected them.

Superdelegates and Unpledged delegates who have made an official endorsement are included for the Democrats and Republicans respectively.

Here are the delegate counts as of February 9, 2008.

% is the percent NEEDED to be nominated.

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