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Ron Paul Still Around

In this article, it talks about Ron Paul still gaining votes in primaries and mentions two interesting points: will he support McCain or will he run as an Independent?

Two quotations: “I’ll be very cautious about what I do,” he said, noting his effort to encourage his supporters to get involved with their local Republican committee. “If I just endorse somebody from another party and walk away, that probably wouldn’t go over too well.”

And, “But while keeping to the same mantra — “I have no plan, no intention to do so” — Paul is also not completely slamming the door shut on a third-party run. And, perhaps more worrisome for Republicans should they have a tight race with the eventual Democratic nominee, he’s also not ruling out supporting a third-party candidate.”

Didn’t want to make it seem like the Democrats had the only intriguing campaign.

Categories: Other Politics, RepublicanPosted on: 29th April 2008 by: admin
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