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Survey USA Shows Single Digit NC Race

Survey USA released its new North Carolina poll today, showing a close single digit race.

Barack Obama: 49%
Hillary Clinton: 44%

Obama’s lead is down from the last poll, which showed him winning the state by 9 points.

Some interesting demographics.

Clinton wins whites by 31 points. Among unaffiliated voters, Clinton now leads by 4 points. This suggest the recent Wright controversy may have had some effect. We will have to wait until next week to see if Obama’s response gained him any points.

Note of caution, in Survey USA’s PA polls, SUSA over-polled Clinton all the way up to their last poll where they under-polled Clinton. Is it possible the same is happening with Obama, except in reverse?

If the race in North Carolina ends in the single digits, and Clinton walks away with an Indiana win, this could make the race for the Democratic nomination wide open. Obama is widely expected to win North Carolina by huge margins, any sign of weakness in the Obama candidacy can not only sway voters, but swing superdelegates. Having said all that, I believe Obama will win by double digits.

Categories: Barack Obama, DemocratsPosted on: 29th April 2008 by: admin
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