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Barack Obama Wins Democratic Nomination

After a long and hard fought Democratic contest, Senator Barack Obama became the victor after securing the 2,118 delegates required to be nominated.

Obama rolled out almost three dozen superdelegates before the South Dakota and Montana primaries, eventually clinching the nomination as the results of the South Dakota primary trickled in. Clinton did not endorse Obama tonight, but all signs point to a possible endorsement tomorrow or in the coming days.

Clinton won the South Dakota primary, home state of prominent Obama supporter and former Majority Leader, Tom Daschle. Obama won the Montana primary.

Obama is now the first African-American to be nominated by a major party, exactly 200 years after the end of the slave trade (1808).

Now, we look to November…

Categories: Barack Obama, Democrats, Hillary ClintonPosted on: 4th June 2008 by: admin
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