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McCain Raises $47 Million in August

Since the announcement of Sarah Palin as the Republican Vice Presidential candidate, the McCain campaign has pulled in $10 million bringing their total for the month to $47 million.

The numbers are not final and campaign spokesman Brian Rogers says they are still counting.

Because McCain will accept $87 million in public funds, any money raised after today cannot be spent. The McCain campaign says any excess money will be steered to state committees.

The McCain campaign plans on using Palin as fundraiser in the coming months given her success.

This is by far the most the McCain campaign has raised in a month, but it is still less than Obama’s record of $55 million.

Daily Rasmussen – September 1, 2008

Obama continues to hold a small lead over John McCain as both candidate have good favorable ratings.

Without Leaners

Barack Obama: 49%
John McCain: 47%

With Leaners

Barack Obama: 49%
John McCain: 46%

Favorabe/Unfavorable (NET)

Barack Obama: 58%/41% (+17)
John McCain: 57%/42% (+15)

Obama gets favorable views from 85% of Democrats while McCain gets favorable views from 90% of Republicans. Both have favorable views from 60% of Independents.

Who would voters like to meet? 43% of voters would like to meet Obama. 30% would like to meet Palin, 17% would like to meet McCain and only 6% would like to meet Biden.

New party affiliation numbers show Republicans gaining ground. Now, 33.2% describe themselves as Republicans, up 1.6%. 38.9% describe themselves as Democrats, down 0.3%. 28% describe themselves as Independents, down 1.2%. Democrats now hold a 5.7% party ID advantage.