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Daily Rasmussen – September 1, 2008

Obama continues to hold a small lead over John McCain as both candidate have good favorable ratings.

Without Leaners

Barack Obama: 49%
John McCain: 47%

With Leaners

Barack Obama: 49%
John McCain: 46%

Favorabe/Unfavorable (NET)

Barack Obama: 58%/41% (+17)
John McCain: 57%/42% (+15)

Obama gets favorable views from 85% of Democrats while McCain gets favorable views from 90% of Republicans. Both have favorable views from 60% of Independents.

Who would voters like to meet? 43% of voters would like to meet Obama. 30% would like to meet Palin, 17% would like to meet McCain and only 6% would like to meet Biden.

New party affiliation numbers show Republicans gaining ground. Now, 33.2% describe themselves as Republicans, up 1.6%. 38.9% describe themselves as Democrats, down 0.3%. 28% describe themselves as Independents, down 1.2%. Democrats now hold a 5.7% party ID advantage.

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