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Daily Rasmussen – September 2, 2008

Today’s Rasmussen numbers show Barack Obama higrowings lead from yesterday, now corssing the 50% mark when leaners are included.

Without Leaners

Barack Obama: 48% (+1)
John McCain: 43% (-1)

With Leaners

Barack Obama: 51% (+2)
John McCain: 45% (-1)

Favorable/Unfavorable (NET)

Barack Obama: 58%/41% (+17)
John McCain: 56%/43% (+13)
Sarah Palin: 52%/36% (+18)

An ominous sign for McCain? It is unclear if this is part of a convention bounce or if voters moving towards Obama in light of McCain’s VP choice. While voters still have a favorable view of Palin comparable to the presidential candidates, the partisan gap widens–more Democrats view her less favorably and more Republicans view her very favorably. Given that there has been a lack of Obama’s convention speech coverage and an ever increasing level of negative stories about Palin, it may be safe to infer that McCain’s and Obama’s movement is largely due, though not entirely, to Sarah Palin.